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Lotus Bliss Botanicals

Vision & Mission

Image by Alejo Reinoso


Lotus Bliss Botanicals’ creates and provides superior tasting, healthy, hemp infused foods that help make people blissful and serve as a tool to broaden our horizons and destigmatize the cannabis plant.

We create and provide exceptional wellness products, with these self care essentials womxn are able to connect to the power within their bodies while nourishing their mind, body and spirit.


We envision a world in which we prioritize wellness, pleasure and connecting with our bodies. By educating each other on how to eat healthy foods and mindfully incorporate cannabis and other healing herbs into our diet, while crafting a positive and healing stigma around cannabis.

Through working with infused foods, herbs, and cannabis mindfully, we can reconnect to our bodies and Earth, get to the root of any pain or dis-ease and do the work of healing both our bodies and communities."

Lotus Flower by Saffu
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