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Will CBD Help Bring More Mindfulness into My Wellness Routine?

Only 2.7% of American adults are living what scientists define as a healthy lifestyle. Establishing a great wellness routine is essential if you want to join their ranks. This means using natural methods of promoting mindfulness.

Integrating CBD into your wellness routine is a great way to enhance your physical and mental health. Read on to learn about the connection between CBD and wellness.

Flavors and Sensations

Many people choose delicious edibles as a preferred method of CBD ingestion. This offers an immediate opportunity for a mindfulness exercise.

Once the edible is on your tongue, think about the sensory experience that you're having. How does the taste make your mouth feel? Is this sensation different on the roof of your mouth vs the inside of your cheeks?

Consider the changing texture as the chocolate melts away in your mouth. This grounds you in the moment as you consume your edible.

You also can do this for other CBD ingestion methods, too. If you're using body butter, focus on the smooth and cool sensation on your skin. Those that use bath salts also get the chance to focus on the feeling of being submerged in warm water.

Relaxing Muscles for Meditation

CBD is a natural and effective muscle relaxant. It stops the neurotransmitters in your brain from triggering tense muscles in your body. This means that those who take CBD will feel their muscles relax over the course of an hour or so.

When you begin to feel the relaxation, you have a great opportunity to connect CBD and mindfulness. Meditation requires you to relax the muscles in your body little by little. The idea is to clear your mind and focus on the sensation of losing tension.

CBD automatically stops tension buildup. It can make meditation easier.

So, when you begin to feel more relaxed after having CBD, close your eyes and focus on your muscles relaxing. It's a great way to feel its effects and stay present in the physical world.

Enhancing Sleep

When considering how to improve your wellness routine, it's critical that you don't underestimate the value of sleep. Sleep is important for dozens of reasons. It spurs healing processes, ensures that you're rested for the day ahead, boosts your mood, and helps your immune system.

Because it's so effective at relaxing people, CBD also can help you sleep better at night.

By sleeping better, you take your physical wellness into your own hands. It's hard to be mindful when you're tired, cranky, or in pain. CBD can help give you the good sleep that you need to feel better and remain present during your waking hours.

Get the Best CBD Products Today

Now that you know how CBD can bring more mindfulness into your wellness routine, it's time to get started. At Lotus Bliss Botanicals, we're committed to offering a wide variety of CBD products to help you get some R&R. Shop our collection to find edibles, bath salts, body oils, and more that are appealing to all 5 senses.

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