11 Ways To Re-use Rose Petals

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Instead of letting every bouquet of roses you receive wither away, check out 11 ways you can re use and recycle them!

1. Roll A Rose Blunt

Cannabis or hemp rolled in carefully positioned rose petals. Check out my YouTube video for a tutorial!

2. Add Petals To Bath Salts

Rose petals are an opulent symbol of luxury, it makes a lot of sense to pair it with one of the most common indulgences: a hot bath.

The sweet smell of rose water in your bath is a bliss experience everyone should experience.

Here’s a recipe that can be made in minutes using leftover rose petals.

Mix together one cup of Epsom salts, a handful of dried, crushed rose petals and 1/4 tsp Himalayan pink salt or sea salt.

To enhance the scent, add in a few drops of rose essential oil. Stir it all together, and store in a cute jar.

To enjoy this rejuvenating bath made in minutes, pour your rose bath salt mixture into a muslin bag and allow it to infuse with the hot bath water.

This way you get all the aromatic benefits without a messy clean up afterward and your drain won’t get clogged with petals.

3. Sprinkle petals all over your home, especially your bedroom.

4. Floral Ice Cubes

Floral ice cubes take any drink to another level. Many times when focusing on health we need to limit the type of drinks we consume.

Drinking the recommended amount of water daily to stay hydrated can seem very boring to consistently include into your routine.

Making a tray of floral ice cube with organic rose petals and other food grade and edible flowers can help this routine seem more enjoyable and help you stay hydrated.

5. Add to A Hydrating Foot or Hand Soak

Feet and hands ladies! Feet and hands!

6. An alternative way to connect with your partner

Intimacy and love making can be experienced in so many different forms, taking time to cater to your partner, their needs and wants are the backbone of a great relationship.

Taking time to cater to yourself is equally important as well. If you choose to celebrate your womb and create clarity within your divine feminine temple by being celibate for any amount of time you may want to use alternate ways of love making to connect with your partner.

"Offer gentle affirming kisses and warm, cuddly hugs. Offer herbal tea. Then run an Epsom salt or Dead Sea salt bath with some herbs, bubbles and rose petals in it (do not use any salts if you or your partner have high blood pressure or edema)."

-Sacred Woman, Queen Afua

While in the tub with your partner talk to each other, appreciate each other’s presence and connect with each other in the best way you know how.

Share a relaxing CBD joint or herbal smoke blend, talk and listen while focusing on healing and oneness. This is how you can make love to your partner while celibate.

7. Make rose vinegar

Using vinegar as a cleaning solution is an inexpensive, multi purpose, and eco friendly way to clean.

Rose petals soaked in vinegar is a sweet way to use vinegar so many places around the house (except marble!).

8. DIY Rose Petal Smudge Bundle

Smudging is a sacred ritual that has been used for centuries. Smudging clears stagnant energy and air in your space and can help you to reset and connect before meditation, after a fight or when moving into a new home.

A floral smudge bundle can consist of any herb of your choosing, thyme, lavender, rose petals, mugwort and rosemary to name a few.

Please be cautious if using white sage to smudge as commercial harvesting has greatly overharvested the herb and exploited the communities it is indigenous to.

9. Rose Art For Your Kiddos

Any moms out there that know they can’t bask in true self care unless their kids are occupied and happy? Kids offer so much love and light, they should have a part in this as well.

I have worked with kids in early childhood education and I’ve realized children experience bliss and creativity when they get a chance to create with everyday real world items.

Gather petals, large paper, crayons/ color pencils, glue for your kids and let them create whatever they want.

If your child is a bit older you can also add salt to the art supplies and allow them to create a unique sensory experience. Use a thin layer of glue and sprinkle the salts on the paper for them, the final product should engage their sense of touch with the fine salts on the page, smoothness of the petals and their sense of smell too!

Their little hearts will also be so appreciative that you’re sharing your bouquet of flowers with them regardless of whether it’s just a way to recycle petals.

10. Add into Wellness products

Rose petals are used in wellness products to produce the healing essence of roses. They add a natural sweet fragrance and when used aromatically, rose can calm and soothe the mind.

Our Lotus Oil, a CBD infused intimate oil, created to soothe your mind and vulva also has rose petals included in each bottle. Our Lotus Oil is coming soon, so be sure to sign up to our newsletter for notifications on new products!

11. Enhance the look of your food

Garnish organic, washed rose petals over any exotic dish to add an extra layer of visual stimulation.

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