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  • What is CBD?
    CBD is short for Cannabidol, a type of plant based compound that naturaully occurs in the flower and leaves of the hemp plant, hemp is one variety of the cannabis sativa plant family.
  • Will CBD get me high?
    No, no amount of CBD will cause you to feel psychoactive effects or get you high. The cannabis plant is made up of multiple cannabinoids, THC and CBD being two of the most prevalent. CBD is the non psychoactive copound in the plant, meaning you won't have any effects like euphoria, sedated or altered in any physical way. It is important to buy lab tested CBD products for quality assurance and to ensure you are getting a cannabis product that is safe for you.
  • Can Lotus Bliss Botanicals legally ship CBD products to me?
    Yes. The US Farm Bill legalized hemp nationwide, we can legally ship our products to you nation wide.
  • Are your products vegan?
    Yes. Each topical product and edible product is made without any animal ingredients or by products, making them vegan safe.
  • How should artisinal chocolate be stored?
    Premium chocolate bars should be stored at room tempature, in a cool dry place. Below 72 degrees F is an ideal temperature.
  • How does the product packaging affect the environment/ Earth?
    Our wellness products are packaged in glass, which is infinitely recyclable. Our chocolate bar is packaged in a paper box, which can be recycled as well. As a company, we vow to protect our Earth, not pollute her.
  • Does Lotus Bliss Botanicals donate a portion of sales of any products?
    Yes! Each month we donate a portion of sales from each bottle of Bliss Breast Oil sold. We give back to Breast Cancer organizations that share similar ideals to our company.
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