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Lotus Bliss Botanicals is a cannabis wellness business created to help women become more connected to their bodies, practice self care daily, and feel empowered and informed enough to make healthier habits.

We value health,

We take pride in the potent CBD hemp that is used in our wellness products and edibles. 

We source  mostly organic, always vegan, quality ingredients and herbs to formulate our products.

A huge part of wellness is being clear on what is going into your body.

We only use ingredients and herbs that you can pronounce and have meaningful effects.

Third party lab testing is performed on every single one of our products, (view our results.)


We value empowerment,

We want women everywhere to be an expert at their body and we want one of our favorite herbs, cannabis to help also.

Our hemp CBD is sourced from a Black owned, organic family farm.

The strain specific hemp CBD retains terpenes and specific cannabinoids, keeping our CBD as close to how it grew from the Earth.

Thus allowing its therapeutic benefits to work synergistically with each organically grown ingredient.

A portion of the profit from each Bliss Breast Oil that is sold is donated to Breast Cancer Foundations, that share our values about empowerment.

Photo taken at Brown Family Farm where we source our hemp.



We value pleasure,

We use natural ingredients and herbs that are known for their soothing, calming and pleasurable effects.

Wellness and pleasure go hand in hand.

We provide exceptional wellness products that have been formulated with natural remedies in mind and organic herbs that are easy to implement in a wellness routine.

Choosing to pamper and create consistent pleasure is a choice worth smiling for.

A Story of Elevation



Meet Ashley, founder of Lotus Bliss Botanicals.

She has been working with cannabis professionally since 2019.

She currently manufactures a CBD product line in Dallas, TX 

She believes; “these CBD products can awaken the power each of us has within, through plant medicine & self-love.”

For her, not having a natural wellness routine, poor diet, and stress took a toll on her body.

She knew she needed a healthy, convenient, pleasurable option to sustain her long-term.

An option that was plant-based, toxin-free, and fun to add to a wellness routine was her best bet.

The CBD products Lotus Bliss Botanicals offers are all that and more! 

They help indulge and pamper the mind, body, and spirit.

Ashley began educating herself on body health, herbal healing, feminine wellness, and CBD.

The benefits were astounding; thus, she began using CBD in her wellness journey.

She found new ways to incorporate pleasurable healing through indulgent plant-based food, consistent self-care, and becoming in tune with her feminine cycle.​

Remedies and recipes passed down to her through her Jamaican culture, herbal education, and the power of plants created a divine transformation in her life.

CBD gave her a consistent natural & plant-based option to reconnect to her body and feel peaceful and blissful in a convenient and sustainable routine. 


That's why she decided to start Lotus Bliss Botanicals.

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